PNM, New Mexico’s largest electricity provider, recently recognized The University of New Mexico’s efforts to reduce energy consumption by awarding the University with three Energy Efficiency Star Awards. 

In a statement, PNM said, “The PNM Business Energy Efficiency Star Awards are given to those PNM business customers who saved the highest kilowatt hours (kWh) among all energy efficiency rebate projects paid in 2015, by geographic region. We salute your achievement, and we thank you for helping to save energy and resources in our community.”

Robert Notary, associate director of PPD Engineering & Energy Services (E&ES), and Donald Swick, university facilities engineer with E&ES, accepted three awards on behalf of UNM last month: 

  • Nonprofit/government entity with the highest energy savings.
  • Building Tune-up Program with the highest energy savings.
  • Distributor Discount program category with the highest energy savings.

In the nonprofit/government entity category, the top award went to UNM for installing energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems.  It is estimated that together these projects will save 787,077 kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

In the Building Tune-up Program category, the top award went to UNM because two PPD staff members, Tom Tafoya and Joseph Roybal with PPD E&ES, received their Building Operator Certification, which will help identify energy efficiency improvement opportunities within campus buildings.  These improvements will save 553,319 kilowatt hours of electricity each year.

In the Distributor Discount Program category, the top award went to UNM for installing 106 VendingMisers on various vending machines across campus.  These devices power down the display lighting on vending machines overnight, or when not in use, while keeping the beverages cool.  It is estimated that the VendingMisers will save 170,872 kilowatt hours electricity annually.