The UNM Honors College Outstanding Young Alumni Award celebrates the commendable contributions of exceptional alumni who have showcased exemplary research, professional achievements, leadership skills, and community service, elevating the repute and success of the UNM Honors College.

This year's alumni award goes to Jutta Lehmer, Strategic Support manager, Global Health Initivates Team, ECHO institute, UNM HSC alumnus, class of 2014. 

A glimpse into Lehmer’s Honors experience:

What was your favorite Honors Course? 
"Socio-Cultural Studies of Health, Illness, and the Biomedical Sciences, an introductory socio-cultural studies of health seminar for undergraduates. This course was instructed by Professor Bruce Struminger, whom I holds in high regard."

Who was your most impactful Honors Instructor?
"Professor Bruce Struminger. His guidance and mentorship have left an indelible mark on my academic journey."

What was your favorite project? 
"My dedication shines through in my innovative game concept developed during Chris Holden's Games for Change class. The game aimed to shed light on the shooting deaths in Albuquerque. Professionally, I takes immense pride in the culmination of my recent successful work projects."

An Honors Anecdote?
"To anyone contemplating joining Honors, I reminisce about my transformative experiences. I would share tales of engaging deeply in honors classes with unique titles, extensive reading lists, and the thrill of exploring profound life questions as well as the more playful aspects like the aesthetics of Minecraft. All of these experiences ultimately paved my path to my current role at Project ECHO."

Honors in a Word?

Dr. Bruce Struminger, senior associate director for Project ECHO, nominated Lehmer saying, "It brings me immense pleasure to nominate Jutta Lehmer for the UNM Honors College Distinguished Alumni Award. Jutta's journey with me began when she was a student in my 2013 Honors College course. Her prowess led me to consider her for a crucial role at the ECHO Institute at UNM HSC. Since then, she has grown leaps and bounds, spearheading ECHO’s efforts in Africa with over 200 partnerships and driving innovative programs across various African nations. Her exceptional ability to mentor and lead, her unparalleled passion for teaching and learning, and her remarkable service to the underserved populations in Africa make her an outstanding representation of the UNM Honors College's values and vision."

Lehmer's notable contributions extend beyond her role at Project ECHO. As a testament to her vast professional achievements, Lehmer has co-authored an article delineating the design and evaluation of the Namibia HIV ECHO program. Read the full article here. Furthermore, her leadership was instrumental in the design and development of the One Health Workforce Academies online course on virtual communities of practice. Explore the course here.

The UNM Honors College is proud to honor Jutta Lehmer as this year's Outstanding Young Alumni and celebrates her achievements that resonate with the college's ideals of excellence, innovation, and community impact.