The Global and National Security Policy Institute (GNSPI) and National Security Studies Program (NSSP) and the Critical Technology Studies Program (CTSP) at The University of New Mexico, host the 10th annual symposium ‘Global, National, and Human Security: Testing Institutions and Alliances’ on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 9-10 in UNM SUB Ballroom A.

The symposium brings together noted security experts from around the world together with UNM faculty and students to discuss the most critical issues in security studies and intelligence.

As critical technologies move at neck-breaking pace and as these technologies begin to create unprecedented challenges to our national security and democratic way of life. UNM’s global and national security programs will dedicate the 2019 annual symposium to these issues. 

“The 10th annual symposium on global and national security brings the UNM community exciting and timely talks by local and national experts,” said NSSP Director Frank Gilfeather. “The breadth of topics from the Symposium range from the directors of our premier energy laboratories in New Mexico to topics of use and abuse of the internet and cyber technology. One highlight is a survey of cutting edge cyber research found at UNM." 

UNM Interim Provost Richard Wood provides opening remarks to kickoff the symposium on Tuesday, April 9 at 9: 45 a.m. Lieutenant General (ret.) and former UNM Regent Bradley Hosmer will also provide a few comments after titled, “Setting the Stage.”

A few highlights from Day 1 of the Symposium include the first panel featuring Sandia and Los Alamos lab directors, Steve Younger and Thom Mason. The session, moderated by Interim Provost Richard Wood, will focus on how the Department of Energy Labs in New Mexico are addressing the emerging global and national security issues.

The keynote address will be given by Sean Roche, the associate deputy director of CIA for Digital Innovation. Roche will present the Intelligence Community's perspective on the issues that are facing global security. It begins at 11:30 a.m.

Suzanne Kelly, CEO of The Cipher Brief, a national blog of leading security and intelligence experts from around the world, gives a plenary address titled “What is the U.S. Administration Security Direction and who is Pushing Back?” It will explore the current U.S. administration's security direction and who is pushing back.

Day 2 of the Symposium on Wednesday, April 10 will focus on the increasing role of critical technology and its applicability to our national security. Several interesting sessions will show how this is happening and what its impact is in talks featuring distinguished journalists – Scott Shane of the New York Times and Max Read of New York Magazine – and several of UNM professors who are conducting research in computer science, engineering, and related disciplines. The second day also features a panel presenting student research in critical technology.

The symposium closes with a discussion of career opportunities and a mini job fair featuring federal agency and government representatives.

“The 10th annual symposium showcases the tremendous research and teaching that UNM is doing in science, technology, computer engineering, and information assurance, and their applicability to global and national security broadly defined,” said GNSP Director Emile Nakhleh. “This effort stems from our belief that what happens globally affects our country, our state, and our citizens. This is an effort to provide our students with the educational background to become the next generation of leaders in the national security of this country." 

For a complete schedule of events, visit Global, National, and Human Security: Testing Institutions and Alliances.

For more information, visit National Security Studies Programs.