It is said that people and pets are better together. In fact, there is scientific evidence supporting the health benefits of cuddling a furry friend. To honor these special relationships and related responsibilities, The University of New Mexico’s Residence Life & Student Housing has announced the creation of Pet Permitted Residence Hall Communities. 

The pilot program, starting Fall 2019, includes two designated pet-friendly residence halls for the 2019-2020 academic year. The two areas include a traditional dorm—Santa Clara Hall and one of the Student Residence Center apartment buildings.

“Being able to bring a pet offers UNM Students a different experience, one they can’t get elsewhere,” said Wayne Sullivan, director of UNM Residence Life & Student Housing. “There are many benefits to living in university housing and offering this option will allow students to take advantage of those benefits while having an important part of their life with them.” 

The option to select living in the Pet Permitted Residence Halls is open to current residents renewing their housing agreement for next year and incoming residents of any class status beginning Feb. 15.  

A variety of pets will be allowed: dogs—with certain restrictions, cats, small mammals, small reptiles and amphibians. Other animals may be considered for approval, on a case-by-case basis. Students with approved ESA or certified service animal may live in any UNM Housing facility, but may also select the option to reside in the pet permitted communities.

“In addition to the education students receive in the classroom and in their academic endeavors, we believe students also learn a great deal of life skills and personal responsibility while living in UNM Housing,” said Sullivan. “Refining the skills and relationships that pet ownership brings can be a very valuable experience for students.”

To learn more about UNM Residence Life & Student Housing’s new Pet Permitted initiative, including a comprehensive list of allowable pets, owner responsibilities and other guidelines about the pet permitted residence halls, and how to request this option when applying for housing, visit the UNM Housing website.