During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, public health orders issued by the New Mexico Department of Health have limited the ability for events to be held on the campus of The University of New Mexico. To track and review events before their occurrence on campus, UNM leadership, in partnership with UNM event professionals, UNM Safety & Risk Services, and UNM IT, is implementing a new event request process and information webpage.

Beginning Friday, Oct. 16, the limit for events is 5 attendees, meaning no large-scale events or mass gatherings should be planned for UNM's main campus at this time. A "mass gathering” is defined as any public or private gathering, organized event, ceremony, parade, organized amateur contact sport, or any other group event that brings together more than 5 individuals in a single room or connected space, confined outdoor space, or open outdoor space. Mass gatherings do not include individuals who are public officials or public employees in the course and scope of their employment.

The event request website, which goes live Wednesday, Oct. 14, will be updated to reflect current state health guidelines from the N.M. Department of Health and protocols determined by the UNM administration.

All events or gatherings proposed for on campus must be submitted through the event request website for review and approved before the event being held. This process will ensure that appropriate guidelines are followed, safety precautions are implemented accordingly, and will enable event and safety staff to advise of any adjustments to events if necessary.

The approval process will be routed through area coordinators that represent areas overseen by UNM Athletics, Institutional Support Services, the Office of the Provost, and the Office of the President. Once approved by the area coordinator, the event will be sent to space coordinators, deans/directors, Safety and Risk Services, and administration for approvals.

Large-scale events will not be approved at this time and events should only be submitted if they are compliant with the parameters defined on the event request website. Space reservations and other arrangements will be held as tentative until an event approval is provided. Events found in progress without prior approval will be terminated and any costs incurred will not be reimbursed.

For more information, visit the UNM event request website.