The University of New Mexico's IT department is partnering with Educause to conduct a comprehensive survey of students and faculty to gain valuable insights into their IT experiences. By partnering with Educause, UNM can compare its results with national benchmarks and results from peer institutions.

Because the questions in this survey are specific to the technologies that support teaching and learning, responses to this survey are limited to students and faculty. By engaging students and faculty directly through this survey, UNM IT aims to better understand the unique needs, challenges and expectations for IT support and resources in a diverse academic community. UNM IT aspires to foster a culture of inclusivity and collaboration, where the voices of students and faculty from various backgrounds and disciplines are heard and valued.

The data gathered will enable us to tailor our IT services and solutions to meet the evolving demands of a dynamic educational environment. UNM IT believes that this partnership with Educause will not only help identify areas for improvement but also strengthen UNM IT’s commitment to delivering high-quality, user-centric IT services that empower students and faculty to excel in their academic pursuits.

If you receive a survey invitation from, you have been selected as part of a randomized sample of UNM students and faculty. UNM IT encourages your responses as an individual and as a selected representative of the student and faculty experience.

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