UNM IT supported an enterprise license for the online training site Lynda.com through Lynda.unm.edu from 2011 to Dec. 20, 2017. Unfortunately, due to increasing licensing costs and ongoing budget reductions, UNM IT was unable to continue funding this service beyond December 2017.

In an effort to gain campus input prior to discontinuation, UNM IT negotiated a six-month extension with Lynda.com in June 2017. Subsequent consultation with the Student Fee Review Board, the Technologies Advisory Boards, and other campus stakeholders determined that UNM should discontinue the Lynda.com license, given budget realities and competing priorities.


Currently, UNM IT is investigating possibilities for a more limited license. If you or your department identifies a critical need for continuing a scaled down Lynda.com subscription, contact Elisha Allen at elisha@unm.edu to discuss options.

Personal subscriptions to Lynda are available via the Lynda.com website. While it does not directly replace the Lynda subscription, UNM IT and University Libraries are working on some joint initiatives that will identify free and low-cost digital training and reference material opportunities for faculty, staff, and students. There are many other free and low-cost resources available locally and on the web.

More information is available at Lynda.unm.edu.