The University of New Mexico is boldly striding into the future by embracing artificial intelligence (AI) and integrating it into higher education. Across campus, UNM organizations are tapping into the vast potential of AI to enrich the academic experience for students and accelerate research discoveries by faculty.

In its pursuit of academic excellence, UNM has launched an AI resources website,, to serve as a central hub for the university's AI efforts, initiatives, and advancements.

“The recent practical deployments of Large Language Models like ChatGPT and other generative AI tools has created much commotion in higher education,” said UNM Provost James Holloway.  “We have to look at these as new tools in support of our educational and research mission, ones we don’t fully know how to use yet, and so we must explore.  I hate to say it, but resistance is futile.”

The website features dedicated sections tailored to the needs of instructors, students, and researchers. Each group can find information and resources curated for them. The website will also promote upcoming AI trainings and workshops open to the UNM community. Individuals interested in receiving regular updates on the university's AI developments can sign up via the site. Below are some of the AI activities scheduled for this semester that demonstrate UNM's commitment to advancing the responsible use of AI.

AI News and Activities on Campus
UNM's Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is contributing to the AI discourse by hosting a series of instructor workshops, with a focus on the intriguing topic of generative AI. The sessions will discuss the origin of Generative AI, a rudimentary breakdown of how Generative AI works, ethical considerations for using Generative AI in the classroom, and some of the current uses and limitations of this technology.  The dates and details about registering for the workshops can be found on

University Libraries Coffee and Code Workshop series will feature two new sessions that incorporate AI in coding. The sessions, Engineering ChatGPT Prompts for Python Code (Nov. 3) and Engineering ChatGPT Prompts for R Code (Dec. 3), are now available for registration. For more information about the workshop series, visit

UNM Health Sciences Library & Informatics Center will be holding a session titled, AI in Higher Education and Research, as part of the BioMISS seminar series.  The session will take place on Thursday, Dec. 7, 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. (MST), on Zoom.

Summary: Artificial Intelligence holds great promise for higher education from helping students learn more efficiently to entering the job market better prepared for the future. It’s also transforming the way in which faculty conduct research. This session of the BioMISS seminar series will focus on AI trends and explore application in research.

Presenters: Dr. Leo S Lo, dean and professor, UNM College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences; and Laura Hall, division head, Resources, Archives & Discovery, UNM HSLIC

To further enrich the academic landscape, Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences (OILS) academic program is actively collaborating to offer an AI Literacy course. This course aims to empower students with a foundational understanding of AI concepts and applications, equipping them for the AI-driven world ahead. This 8-week pilot course for UNM students will be available in the second half of Fall 2023.

As part of this multifaceted initiative, University Libraries has created a valuable LibGuide, accessible at, which offers resources on generative AI and its applications in education. This LibGuide complements the UNM-specific information and resources available on the AI Resources website.

“Artificial Intelligence represents the next frontier in educational innovation, and we are committed to harnessing its potential responsibly,” said Dr. Leo Lo, dean of the College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences. “The launch of our AI resources website and the collaboration across campus underscores our dedication to empowering our university family with the tools and knowledge needed for the AI-driven future. We are not just embracing technology; we are shaping the future of education."

Join UNM at the forefront of innovation as it explores the vast potential of AI in higher education and research, shaping a future where knowledge and technology converge. For more updates on AI on campus, sign up at