Paying with LoboCash, both on and off campus, is about to get more rewarding. UNM’s LoboCard Office is integrating DishOut, a new transaction processing platform that will provide Lobos with secure payment processing, promotions, loyalty rewards, and more. 

“UNM LoboCard Office is always looking for innovative ways to enhance the Lobo experience and we feel utilizing this versatile payment technology is the best way to step up our services,” said Curtis Vigil, senior business manager, UNM LoboCard Office. “Bringing the DishOut payment solution to our partners will allow for our faculty, staff and students to get rewarded for making everyday purchases both on and off campus when they pay with LoboCash.”

Rewards are earned by using LoboCash as the go-to payment method at participating venues to earn points towards things like food and drinks at participating locations.  Students, faculty and staff who take advantage of the LoboCash program will also receive incentive offers when they add funds to their LoboCash balances.

“This new partnership also comes with merchant recruitment services that will help us build a larger network of local and national merchants to serve our customers,” said Vigil. “All-around, the community-wide rewards platform can help us generate more sales both on and off campus.”

The LoboCard Office will be installing new terminals across campus at every location that currently accepts LoboCash payments, including at the UNM Bookstores, copy and print center, printing stations, all campus food venues and mercados, etc. Off-campus venues like Frontier, Saggio’s, Rude Boy Cookies, and more will also receive the new terminals. Installation is expected to be complete by mid-May.

The LoboCard office will also benefit from the new partnership with DishOut. While the payment process will be quicker and more efficient for the customers on the front end, the settlement process on the back end will also be more streamlined.

“The whole LoboCash program will be enhanced as we switch over to the new DishOut platform,” added Vigil.

Learn more about the LoboCash program and see the participating LoboCash Venues by visiting the