A contingent of UNM leaders are headed to Washington D.C. after receiving an exciting joint-invitation from the Mexican Embassy in Washington D.C. and Mexican Consulate in Albuquerque.

Efren Leyva Acevedo, Mexican Consulate in Albuquerque, joined his national counterparts by inviting Eliseo ‘Cheo’ Torres, vice president for Student Affairs, Jennifer Gomez-Chavez, special assistant to the vice president for the Division for Equity and Inclusion and Cindy Nava, a graduate research assistant to the American Jewish Committee’s annual Spring Conference and Global Forum being held on June 5-7 in the nation’s capital. 

Cheo Torres
Invited participant Eliseo ‘Cheo’ Torres.

The three-day conference brings together more than 2,000 people from over 70 countries to discuss the key political, strategic and social concerns.

The three attendees from UNM were chosen based on their extensive experience defending the rights of immigrant students, documented or not, to work and live with dignity and respect in the United States while promoting a set of moral principles to change U.S. immigration policy at a state and national level. 

“Specifically, our nominees have driven activities against xenophobia immigrants—as this is one of the main causes of contemporary racism,” said Consul Leyva. “These three leaders will represent our state during the Global Forum and also during a closed door event at the U.S. Mexican Embassy which will bring all 50 Mexican Consulates in the United States along with worldwide ambassadors and leaders to discuss leadership strategies and collaborations at national and international level.” 

Jennifer Gomez-Chavez
Invited participant Jennifer Gomez-Chavez.

The aim of participation in this forum is to discuss relevant issues for both Jewish and Mexican and Hispanic communities in the United States.  It is also an opportunity to exchange experiences, observe different forms of organization and draw lessons and good practices to empower these specific populations.

The Forum also provides an opportunity for dialogue with prominent political figures, journalists, opinion leaders, diplomats and academicians.

For more information on the AJC Global forum, visit their website