The University of New Mexico Global Education Office (GEO) is extending its support for victims of the recent natural disasters in Mexico and the Caribbean islands, as well as in the U.S. The recent catastrophic events have affected Lobo family members, friends and colleagues here and abroad.

“We are a community of lifelong Lobos from around the globe,” said Nicole Tami, executive director for Global Initiatives. “It’s important that we continue to come together and be visible in our support during these difficult moments. The smallest efforts can send a powerful message for those facing uncertain futures.”

Recent earthquake in Mexico
UNM GEO operates a joint-initiative with the City of Albuquerque—The New Mexico Trade & Higher Education Center (NMTHEC) in Mexico City, in addition to overseeing partnerships with other higher education institutions in Mexico which include study abroad and semester exchange.

Currently, there aren’t any UNM students studying abroad in Mexico directly impacted by the recent earthquake, which affected a large geographic area beyond the nation’s capital and includes the states of Mexico, Puebla, and Morelos. The NMTHEC offices were temporarily closed due to emergency and safety protocols and re-opened after inspection on Monday, Sept. 25.

The UNM representative in Mexico, Valerie Cardenas, has received numerous requests from UNM faculty, staff, and students expressing support and concern and looking for opportunities to provide assistance.

“There are on-going efforts also in Oaxaca, Chiapas and Mexico City,” said Cardenas. “The media may focus on what’s happening in the city, but there is also great need in the other states.”

Cardenas advises that in the coming days, there will be a clearer picture of the humanitarian efforts and restorative work ahead. 

She is compiling a list of opportunities for members of the UNM community wishing to contribute, which will be available on the GEO website.

For those interested in contributing to relief efforts for individuals and families affected by the recent earthquakes in Mexico, there will be a fundraising concert on Sunday, Oct. 8 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. hosted by a variety of Albuquerque community organizations and Telemundo. For details, visit the event Facebook page.

For more information on GEO's efforts, contact Danielle Gilliam, strategic projects officer, at +1.505.277.6051 or email