A series of documentaries celebrating UNM's rich and colorful history, in conjunction with major anniversaries on the UNM campus, airs Thursday, Feb. 23 beginning at 7 p.m.. All three films, which are part of UNM Night from 7 to 9 p.m. on KNME, Ch.5, were produced by Aracely "Arcie" Chapa, interim director of the Center for Regional Studies, which funded the programs.

Chapa was interviewed recently by Adrian Gomez, arts editor, ABQ Journal, in conjunction with the premiere of her program POPEJOY@50 recently. The films inlcude: POPEJOY@50, ZIMMERMAN@75 and UNM@125.

POPEJOY@50  - 7 p.m. – Premiere!
The story of Popejoy Hall - the difficulties in getting the hall funded, sited, and constructed - and of Thomas L. Popejoy, the President of UNM who was determined to build a concert hall on the campus. Tom Popejoy Jr. discusses his father’s passion, and renowned actor Hal Holbrook talks about what it was like performing there in the ‘60s.

This program explores the history of Zimmerman Library through the eyes of architects, artists, administrators, students, staff, and the community and is an emotional and reverential tribute to Zimmerman’s past as well as its future.

UNM@125 - 8 p.m.
The history of the University of New Mexico unfolds in this visually stunning documentary  - told through the eyes and memories of alumni, students, faculty, administrators, staff and the community.

POPEJOY@50  - 7 p.m. (full program  description)
As president of UNM, Thomas L. Popejoy understood the value of the performing arts and having a proper hall to house them. He also understood the obstacles in getting such a hall built. UNM’s iconic performance hall’s namesake persisted for nearly two decades to fulfill his vision.

This documentary tells the story of Popejoy Hall - the difficulties in getting the hall funded, sited, and constructed, and the man who was determined to make it happen. Tom Popejoy Jr. discusses his father and his passion for building a concert hall on the UNM campus, and introduces renowned actor Hal Holbrook talking about Popejoy Hall and what it was like in the ‘60s when he performed there.

This film continues the UNM series of documentaries about UNM's rich and colorful history. Produced by Chapa, this the third of her documentaries about major anniversaries on the UNM campus. Her first two were UNM@125 and Zimmerman@75. All three films were funded and produced by the Center for Regional Studies for their respective celebrations.

The Center for Regional Studies is an interdisciplinary center designed to enhance the work of the .university through student fellowships, research, program funding, visiting scholars, digital media and other projects with a particular emphasis on activities that increase our understanding of New Mexico and the Southwest.

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