The University of New Mexico now offers an online Master of Chicana and Chicano Studies – the first of its kind in the country.

Chicana/o culture is ingrained into the lives of New Mexicans. The culture shows in New Mexico food, architecture, music, and more. UNM offering a Masters of Art in this field highlights the beauty and importance of the Chicana/o culture that has surrounded New Mexicans throughout their lives.  

The Chicana/o studies program aims to connect students with culture. The program focuses on the interdisciplinary study of Chicana/o experiences, perspectives, and thought. A degree in the program provides students with a diverse set of skills that can apply to various career fields in arts, politics, journalism, and more.

As the first degree of its kind, this is a step towards Chicana/o representation in the academic world. The online course is accessible to both in and out of state students, allowing a wide variety of people to connect with culture and get their master’s degree.

The master’s program requires students to complete a minimum 33 credit hours and 8 weeks of classes. Students must hold a bachelor's degree in Chicana/o studies or a related field before being admitted to the program.

Those interested in learning more can view the program overview and the Chicana/o Studies Department website.