In a rapidly changing world with interconnected economies and technologies, as well as the gathering threat of terrorism, global and national security is a fundamental concern in this digitalized century. Due to the insurgence of terrorism across the globe and security threats from our technologically linked society, UNM will be offering two unique online classes this fall that explore the link between national security and globalization and its link to technology and innovation. Participants in the class will also analyze some of the hot issues in these two fields and their effect on our future.

UNM’s Global and National Security Policy Institute (GNSPI) in partnership with Anderson School of Management and Extended Learning, are offering two concurrent online courses this fall semester for graduate credit: Globalization & National Security and Technology & Innovation in National Security.

The GNSPI is a national security umbrella that serves UNM and the greater community. It combines scientific expertise, analytics along with cultural and language understanding. GNSPI prepares future leaders to interact with their counterparts across the globe.

"The bloody terrorist attacks in France and other countries, the destructive sectarian wars in the Middle East, the waves of economic and political refugees in the Mediterranean Sea, the rising threat of diseases across the globe, and the erosion of democracy in Turkey and other countries all point to the connection between global and national security,” says Research Professor and Director of GNSPI, Emile Nakhleh. “The UNM GNSPI will help educate students and the wider community on the causes behind these threats and how to combat them. Our pilot module on Globalization, Technology, Innovation, and National Security is the first effort in this unique initiative."

Nakhleh is a retired Senior Intelligence Service Officer. Since retiring from the US Government in 2006, he has consulted on national security issues, particularly Islamic radicalization, terrorism, and the Arab states of the Middle East.

Global and national security rests on a broad definition ranging from nuclear issues to natural resources, humanitarian and health challenges, as well as governance, legal, policy, technology, and cybersecurity concerns.

Critical issues that will need to be addressed included:

•  The Middle East in the next 5 years (ISIS)
•  Volatility of the political, economic, and social systems
•  Environmental degradation and scarcity of food and water
•  Expanding technology, digitalization, virtual networks, and social media
•  Repression, corruption, violence, sectarianism
•  Imploding states
•  Securitization and diminishing rule of law

Under GNSPI, collaboration among departments, schools, and colleges—and with Sandia and Los Alamos national labs—allows UNM faculty, students, laboratory scientists, and private sector technology and science experts to team-teach graduate modules in specific fields and cooperate on cutting-edge research and innovation projects.

The online courses, led by Distinguished Professor Sul Kassicieh and Professor Raul Gouvea, both with the Anderson School of Management, will enhance students’ career perspectives and understanding of the correlation between economic and national security.

“Innovation and technology play many roles in a globalized world,” says Professor Kassicieh. “The two courses we are offering this semester examine how globalization, innovation and technology affect our ability to build economic and security systems. We use innovation and technology to thrive economically and to be a step ahead of adversaries in an uncertain world. We study global systems to understand how they interact and influence our economic and national security. The two courses will give the students these perspectives.”

The online classes will run from Aug. 22-Oct. 29. The courses culminate with a two-and-a-half-day seminar on Oct. 27-29.  For course information contact Professor Sul Kassicieh at or Professor Emile Nakhleh at

These classes are just the beginning of a new program for students interested in this field of study. UNM anticipates launching a new interdisciplinary master’s degree in Global and National Security in the fall of 2017.