UNM parking passes for the 2016-17 academic year go on sale starting this week. Most lots typically sellout fast and are expected to do so again this year especially with a slight decrease in available parking spots due to construction on and around campus.

The UNM parking system is split into two levels: preferred, aka proximity lots and ride-n-drive, aka commuter lots. The proximity lots, which are close to UNM buildings, include L, M, P, T, RIO and the Yale Parking Structure. The commuter lots, which are farther away from campus buildings and where the bulk of UNM shuttle service concentrates its efforts include G, Q, and South Lot.

The proximity lots affected by current and soon-to-start construction projects are M, A and B which will result in more customers needing to park in the commuter lots—there is always room in South Lot.

“We are a landlocked campus,” says Parking and Transportation Director Barbara Morck. “When there are construction projects on campus, adjustments for parking spaces need to be made.”

On campus construction is due to the renovation of many existing, older buildings at UNM and a few new structure projects. Construction around the UNM campus is from City projects, such as the water pipe replacement project, run by the Bernalillo County Water Authority and the Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) project.

R and S permits, reserved for UNM resident (dorm) students, go on sale staring Thursday, July 28 at 7:30 a.m. and are available online at pats.unm.edu.

Permits for L, M, P, RIO, T, and Yale will go on sale starting Tuesday, Aug. 2 at 7:30 a.m.

Permits for G, Q and South Lot go on sale starting Thursday, Aug. 4 at 7:30 a.m.

Because of eligibility criteria and lot limitations, some permits may not be available for online purchase, but are may be available for over-the-counter purchase at the UNM Parking and Transportation office.

UNM faculty and staff who utilize payroll deduction for payment of their permit, will have their permits auto-renewed on Monday, Aug. 1. UNM employees who purchase their permits outright will need to go to UNM PATS offices on date their permit goes on sale. All permits are sold on a first come, first served basis.

When purchasing a UNM parking permit, students and employees are asked to bring their UNM ID card and their vehicle registration information and the vehicle’s license plate number.

UNM Parking Permits 2016-2017

To avoid citations, PATS reminds customers that permits must be properly displayed in the vehicle, to park between the white lines or at a bumper barrier, and to not park in fire lanes—red-painted curbs, on the end of rows or along yellow curbs.

If a customer chooses to use the pay station system, be sure to pay for enough time for walking or using a shuttle as to not have that allotted time expire. There are handicapped parking spaces throughout the campus. A valid accessible parking placard can also be used to park in a pay station space or a regularly permitted space—one that is not signed “Patient Parking,” “Permit Required,” or “Reserved,” at no cost. Students with repeated parking violation history may face disciplinary action. All unpaid tickets will be forward to the Bursar’s office.

Permits are sold at a first come, first serve basis and most permits sell out quickly. Occasionally parking lots have spaces that become available for sale after the start of the semester, so a wait list is available. To add yourself to a wait list for a particular lot or to submit a waiver request, please visit the PATS website and click on “My Parking Account.”

UNM shuttle service is offered free of charge and transports students, staff, faculty, and visitors to and from the UNM commuter parking lots and connects the North, Main, and South campus areas.

Eligible UNM students registered for at least three credit hours and permanent UNM faculty and staff can get a free bus sticker which allows them to ride ABQ RIDE, the City of Albuquerque Public Transit System, for free. Bus Stickers can be obtained at the Transportation Information Center (TIC) located in the Student Union Building or at the PATS parking office starting on Monday, Aug. 15.

Additionally, PATS offers free bike racks across campus, with bike locks available for $48 for the year. Bike maintenance is available at UNM Rec Services and Outdoor & Bike Shop.

Students and residents who stay after dark and park farther away from campus are encouraged to call the UNM Police Department at 505-277-2241 for a security escort.

For additional information, including information about the 3:45 parking rule, visit the PATS website.