UNM Planning, Design & Construction (PDC) has scheduled a start date for the week of Oct. 2 for the demolition of Building 67, the College of Education Classroom Building.

The demolition project is a significant step in UNM's ongoing sustainable campus effort. This project, which is part of UNM's commitment to maintaining and enhancing its campus facilities, will result in the transformation of the site into a functional green space in the near term. The demolition is part of UNM's ongoing efforts to maintain and improve campus facilities in a cost-effective and sustainable manner while addressing the needs of the University community. The project supports the goals of UNM 2040 and maintains alignment with the Integrated Campus Plan.

Project Overview: The decision to demolish Building 67 is based on a comprehensive assessment report conducted in 2022, which estimated the cost of repairs and restoration to be over $7.2 million. In light of other available classroom space and facility deficiencies, UNM chose to proceed with demolition and conversion of the site into a greenspace.

Project Schedule: Construction crews are set to mobilize and secure the site around Building 67 during the week of Oct. 2, marking the beginning of the initial phase of demolition activities. This phase includes interior removals, asbestos abatement, and site demolition. The project is scheduled to unfold in several phases as follows:

  • Phase 1 (Abatement and Demolition): This phase will extend through the end of the fall semester, concluding on Dec. 16. Stringent monitoring, testing, and protective measures will be in place throughout this period. Contractor parking and staging will be confined to the site, ensuring minimal impact on parking and traffic.
  • Phase 2 (Structure Demolition): Scheduled to occur between semesters, this phase will run from Dec. 18 through Jan. 14. It may necessitate limited relocations of C Lot reserve parking spaces, as previously discussed with UNM Parking & Transportation Services (UNM PATS). Additionally, a contractor laydown area external to the site will be established during this phase in coordination with UNM Facilities Management (FM) Grounds & Landscaping division.
  • Phase 3 (Utilities Relocation, Landscaping, and Hardscaping): The final project phase will focus on utilities relocation, landscaping, and hardscaping, all to be executed within the site perimeter fencing. Any impacts on existing utilities, will be coordinated with FM Area 3 and UNM Utility Services.

Impact on UNM Community: UNM is committed to ensuring minimal disruption to the academic and research mission of the university during the Building 67 Demolition Project. Classes that were previously scheduled in this building have been rescheduled in alternative classroom and laboratory spaces. UNM acknowledges and appreciates the collaborative efforts made by the College of Education and Human Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, and centralized scheduling to accommodate these changes. The units previously housed in Building 67 have been relocated to new office spaces.

Pedestrian Safety and Accessibility: The safety of the UNM community is a top priority. Pedestrian routes will be established and maintained throughout the project. Flagpersons will be on hand as needed to ensure pedestrian safety as construction vehicles access the site through C Lot (Zimmerman) via Yale Blvd NE/Roma Ave NE. While the ramp to Building 67 from the upper-level terminus of Cornell Mall will be inaccessible during construction, alternative routes to Travelstead Hall and other Education Complex buildings will remain open.

UNM remains committed to providing updates and transparent communication throughout the duration of the project. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of the UNM community as we work together to enhance our campus for the benefit of all.

For more information about the Building 67 demolition project and updates, visit pdc.unm.edu, or contact Andrew Reynolds, senior project/construction manager with UNM Planning, Design & Construction.