In March of 2016, the UNM Board of Regents requested that President Frank work with his Executive Vice presidents to identify ways in which the University could be more efficient and effective in certain administrative areas across main campus and the Health Sciences Center (HSC).

On Tuesday, Oct. 11 at the UNM Board of Regent’s Finance and Facilities meeting, UNM Vice President of Human Resources Dorothy Anderson presented the findings of a commissioned evaluation of the strategy, communications & marketing, and finance areas.

The report was conducted by Aon Hewitt, a global leader in HR solutions, over the past several months. They evaluated 22 high level positions across these areas of function on main campus and at the HSC for opportunities to integrate, consolidate, align and coordinate. These were only administrative positions; no clinical positions were included.

After receiving Aon’s report, Frank met with Executive Vice President for Administration, COO & CFO, David Harris; Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost, Chaouki Abdallah; and HSC Chancellor, Paul Roth to discuss the recommendations and decide how they may be applied to create savings and efficiencies between the campuses.

“This was a challenging task,” said Frank. “We appreciate that Aon provided objective information for us to consider as we make these tough decisions to save money and enhance integration.”

The report recognized the differences in scope, roles and need between main campus and the HSC, and offered suggestions on how to better streamline operations. Over the next few months, three of the positions under evaluation will be vacated due to retirements or voluntary separation. This affords the University the opportunity for consolidation of these positions with salary savings.

The specific major structural position changes that will take effect are:

  • Eliminate the vacated position of Associate VP for Planning, Budget, and Analysis;
  • Eliminate the vacated position of HSC Marketing and Media Director;
  • Reclassify one HSC Chief Strategic Advisor position to Executive Project Director
  • Eliminate one HSC Strategic Advisor position through the internal transfer to the vacated Chief Budget and Facilities Officer/HSC

While some positions have been eliminated, the remaining employees will all receive contract renewals, although there may be changes to their previous contracts, including reassignments and title changes. The immediate recurring cost savings are close to a half million dollars. One of the goals is to improve integration across the University. In the communication and marketing area, a new collaborative model that coordinates services and contracts is anticipated to garner additional quantifiable savings. Within the finance and budget area, reporting lines have been modified to improve coordination and shared services.

“We’re being deliberate and objective, and at the same time have been able to make good progress in consolidating,” Frank stated. “Addressing these areas, as well as what we’ve already accomplished in legal and the very significant changes in IT, puts us well on the way to improved services and tighter administrative structure.”

Frank noted that other internal structural adjustments may be made within the areas affected as deemed necessary by the appropriate managers.

To view the report, visit: Future State Recommendations - Strategy, Communications & Marketing, and Finance Scope.