UNM President Robert G. Frank recently addressed the issue surrounding the F. Chris Garcia situation following the dismissal of charges against the longtime professor.

"I am deeply concerned about the negative impact of this situation on the reputation of our highly respected research and academic institution.  Regardless of the outcome of the criminal case, F. Chris Garcia’s significant lapse in judgment in associating with a website that facilitated the exchange of sex for money, the extensive media coverage surrounding this case and his recent engagement of the media through letters and interviews continue to put the name of this University in a damaging light.  As president of UNM – an institution that serves young women and men - it is my responsibility to make every effort to safeguard the reputation of our University.

"We have not received any official correspondence from F. Chris Garcia requesting action on the part of the University or asking for clarification of his status, so at this point it remains unchanged. Now that the University’s property taken from his office in the criminal investigation is being returned to us, we will review it and the circumstance surrounding this incident from the perspective of the University’s policies, ethics and our codes of conduct."