Scribendi, an annual nonprofit literature and fine art magazine produced and published by students at The University of New Mexico Honors College, has released its 37th volume. 2023’s edition is vibrant, playful, and full of creative work from honors students across the nation.

Scribendi’s initial release party united editors Anna Abeyta, John Scott, Ethan Ward, and Faculty Advisor Amaris Ketcham, at the Western Regional Honors Council Conference in Missoula, Montana. Another release party, this one local, will be held Friday, April 14, from 6– 8 p.m. in the UNM Honors College Forum.

Students and community members are encouraged to attend. This year’s release party will offer refreshments, readings from contributors, and a chance to be some of the first to take home this year’s edition of the magazine.

Following the local release party on Friday, copies of Scribendi will be found around the UNM Honors College or can be shipped for a small fee. A digital version will also be available on their website.

To learn more, submit creative work to 2024’s Scribendi, or apply for 2023–2024 staff, please visit