For the folks who are interested in the details.  UNM researchers have succeeded in winning $37 million in competitive grants under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Main campus awares are $16 million and HSC awards total $21 million to date.

Here's what we are doing with the money.

Main campus

Mechanism and Inhibition of Arginine Deiminase      $75,000 from NIH

Los Alamos Summer School   $65,225  from NSF

Neuroscience of Motivational Interviewing Change Talk    $229,712 from NIH/DHHS

A Combined Experimental and Computational Investigation of Self-Template Selective Epitaxial Growth of Germanium on Silicon  $300,560 from NSF

Anti-pathogen Responses in Biomphalaria Glabrata  $365,000 from NIH

Geomorphic Influence of Beaver on Flavial Systems in the Yellowstone Ecosystem   $184,986 from NSF

Co-registered Vibrometry and Imaging   $150,000 from NSF

Next Generation Composites for Radiation and Impact Hazard   $430,000 from NSF

Prevention in South Africa: A Trial of the IOM Model   $252,000 from NIAA/NIH/DHHS

Unification Laboratory: Increasing the Power of Cryptographic Protocol Analysis Tools   $240,000 from NSF

Collaborative Research: A High-Resolution Middle Pleistocene Paleoclimate Record from the Valles Caldera, New Mexico   $215,925 from NSF

Linked Isotopic (CI,O,H) and Petrologic Studies of Fluid-rock Interaction during the Subduction Cycle   $270,002 from NSF

Acquisition of a Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopic Isotope Analyzer and Peripheral Induction Furnace   $69,115 from NSF

Static Compression of CO2-Bearing Silicate Liquids   $312,619 from NSF

Undergraduate Biomedical Research Training at UNM   $272,031 from NIH

HIV Prevention with Adolescents Neuocognitive Deficites   $125,637 from NIAA/NIH/DHHS

Collaborative Research Terrestrial Paleoenvironmental Record through the Permian-Triassic Transition of Texas and New Mexico  $123,000 from NSF

Medium Securing Concurrency in Modern Systems   $399,991 from NSF

LTER Network   $6,736,743 from NSF

Collaborative Research: The Role of Snow Patches on the Spatial Distribution of Soil Microbial Communities and Biochemical Cycling in the Antartic Dry Valleys   $306,050 from NSF

STIMULUS-IMSD SUPPLEMENT - American Reinvestment and Recovery Act Related   $172,873 from NIH

Early Childhood Training and Technical Assistance   $68,453 from NMCYFD

Infant and Toddler Cost Study: Childcare Workforce Study   $174,887 from NMCYFD

New Mexico Crime Date Collection Project Planning. Evaluation and Technology Improvement Program   $114,877 from NMPSD

Web-based Substance Abuse STD/HIV Program   $713,877 from NIAA/NIH/DHHS

STIMULUS - Supplement: ARRA Genetic Recognition of Muscle Fiber Diversity   $58,175 from NIH

STIMULUS - Rapid Optimization of Low Cost Portable Flow Cytometer   #343,460 from NCRR/NIH/DHHS

STIMULUS - Acquisition and Upgrade of Two Low-field NRM Spectrometers for Research and Testing   $298,400 from NSF

Improvements to the Division of Arthropods Collection   $210,879 from NSF

A Multiple Neurobehavioral Assessment of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders   $144,000 from San Diego State

The Development of Quantum Dot Materials for Ultrafast Laser Applications   $75,000 from Mesa Photonics

Mind in the Making Supplement   $50,405 from NMCYFD

Early Childhood Training and Technical Assistance Program   $15,125 from NMCYFD

Pre-K Website CCR&R TTAP   $612,000 from NMCYFD

REU Site: Space and Tropospheric Weather   $474,240 from NSF

Systems Network Interface Controller for 100 Gb/s Wide Area Network   $450,000 from DOE

Mechanism of Phosphoryl Transfer   $55,539 from Utah State University

The Biodemographics Determinants of Life Span   $101,714 from UC-Davis

Phosphodiesterase-2 and Mood Disorders: Target Validation and Drug Discovery   $75,009 from NIH

Improvements to the Division of Arthropods Collection, Museum of Southwestern Biology   $453,444 from NSF

STIMULUS-UNM-G CCC Infant Room Improvement   $2,500 from NMCYFD


Study to Determine Optimum Care for Minorities   $317,201

Treatment of Leukemia   $139,286

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students   $18,107

Genetic Studies of Schizophrenia   $64,561

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students   $6,036

New Understanding of Crohn's Disease   $309,

Quality Childcare for All   $170,000

Imaging Effects of Cocaine on the Brain   $58,283

Study of HIV Prevalence $2,421,152.

Faculty Recruitment in Pathology   $676,087

Regulation of DNA   $$164,450

New Ways of Imaging Breast Cancer   $967,042

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students   $1,000

Polycystic Kidney Disease   $89,928

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students   $2,012

Vaccine for HIV-1   $1,000,000

How the Immune Response is Regulated in Lupus   $414,063

How Vascular Problems Lead to Dementia   $139,204

Mapping Brain Function with Molecules   $1,478,291

Supplement to Cancer Center   $1,264,145

How Blood Vessels in the Eye Grow in Diabetics   $294,999

Supplement to Cancer Center   $50,168

Supplement to Cancer Center   $278,627

Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer   $147,045

Heart Disease and Diabetes   $1,091,475

Public Health Traineeship Program  $4,808

New Understanding of Crohn's Disease   $690,054

Determining New Disease Mechanisms for Polysystic Kidney Diseases   $30,000

Causes of Toxic Dysnetery  $68,444

Establishing Best Practices in Primary Care   $101,846

Effect of Pollution on Children's Health   $37,335

Hormone Treatment in Menopausal Women   $11,137

Leukemia Study   $207,325

Lung Disease and High Blood Bressure   $87,116

Mechanisms of Cell Multiplication   $723,443

Community Research with Zuni   $575,903

Biomedical Research Workforce Development   $425,850

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students   $30,179

Imaging of Traumatic Brain Injury   $26,514

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students   $18,107

Mechanisms of Stroke Injury   $753,760

Vaccine Development   $412,500

Stroke Treatment   $422,000

Genetic Analysis of Leukemia   $233,000

Equipment   $313,322

Training Grant for Global Health   $269,966

New Cancer Drug   $617,174

New Viral Treatments   $94,420

Study of DNA Repair in Leukemia   $168,000

New Cell Signaling Pathways in Cancer   $611,878

New Mechanisms Causing High Blood Pressure   $26,316

New Viral Treatments   $412,500

Effects of Arsenic on Skin Cancer   $629,143

New Detection Technique for Infection in Cystic Fibrosis  $412,500

Growth Factors That Promote Ovarian Cancer Growth   $44,388

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students   $126,751

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students   $1,408

Nurse Faculty Loan Program to UNM   $9,589

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students   $21,478