When Julie Bustamante and Charlie Steen began their careers at UNM, Richard Nixon was president, and the now iconic images of Woodstock were still fresh along with humankind’s crowning achievement of landing on the moon had the world invigorated.

Each year, UNM recognizes outstanding faculty and staff with years of service between 15 and 50 years at the annual service awards event.

“This year’s celebration was unfortunately hindered by the pandemic, but we want these honorees to know just how much they are appreciated and we thank them for their many years of service, and continued dedication during these challenging times,” said Dorothy Anderson, Vice President of Human Resources.

50 Years of Service
Julie Anne Bustamante, Advisor, Arts & Sciences Advisement Center

Julie Bustamante began work in February 1970 as a clerk-stenographer in the Biology Department. Her job there was to transcribe Department Chair Dr. Loren D. Potter’s dictation to a magnetic card electric typewriter, which was cutting edge technology of the time.

Bustamante later transitioned to the Arts and Sciences Advisement Center, where she found her true passion as an advisor. As the center, and the UNM population, grew, she served in various roles since 1979, including interim Director.

She has finished up her career at UNM managing the Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies cluster of advisors, retiring in March.

“Change is always a constant in the profession of advisement,” said Bustamante. “I am thankful to have been in the world of academia and to have served the University of New Mexico community.”

Charlie Steen, History Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
You could say Charlie Steen spent the majority of his adult life at UNM. Steen was a 1964 graduate of UNM and returned in 1969 to begin teaching, after a stint in Europe carrying out research at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris and the British Library in London.

His appreciation of cultural expression and values as a vital part of explaining history kept him returning to Europe, making photographic records that became a major part of his teachings and writings.

Along with teaching, Steen said one of his most positive experiences at UNM was the opportunity to serve on the Admissions and Registration Committee, serving on the committee almost as long as he has been at UNM.

“It has put me in contact with many administrators as well as faculty from every division of the university,” pointing out that the committee not only oversees entrance requirements, but is instrumental in attracting a broad range of students to the degree programs at UNM.

Steen has also written five books while at UNM, his most recent A Cultural History of Early Modern Europe just this year.

But most importantly, Steen said students have been the core of his teaching. “The students I have met over the years became an important part of my life and I have valued every experience.”

Additional honorees of note include:

45 Years of Service

  • Dr. Arthur Kaufman, Distinguished Professor, Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences Center Community Health

40 Years of Service

  • Gordon A. Anderson, Supervisor, University Services
  • Eva Encinias-Sandoval, Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Dr. Paul Roth, Chancellor, Health Sciences Center

35 Years of Service

  • Natalie Brigance, Vice President of Student Affairs Administration
  • Kenneth F. Crumley, School of Medicine
  • Abhaya K. Datye, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Jonathan Eldredge, HSC Library and Informatics Center
  • Ruth Haest, College of University Library and Learning Science
  • Cheri N. Koinis, School of Medicine
  • Pete W. Morgan, School of Engineering Deans Office
  • Horton Newsom, Institute of Meteoritics
  • David S. Peabody, School of Medicine
  • Sandra Provencio, College of University Library and Learning Science
  • Robert L. Rhyne, School of Medicine
  • Jane E. Smith, Psychology Department
  • Cheryl L. Willman, School of Medicine

Faculty and staff with 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years of service totaled 420 honorees this year with 8,435 years of combined service. UNM is grateful for their hard work and dedication in accomplishing a key component of the mission of UNM - educating the leaders of tomorrow.

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