UNM Recycling began in the early ‘90s and has grown to an operation recycling more than 25,000 tons of materials and reclaimed water each and every year. This program recently unveiled a revised logo, which can now be seen on the various recycling vehicles driving around campus.

The old logo sported a “Louella” Lobo holding a sign that read “UNM Recycles,” while the newly-approved revised design is modern and eye-catching. 

“When recycling was moved under the Office of Sustainability, I decided it was time to retire the old `Louella’ Lobo logo and create an image to educate and motivate the campus community to increase recycling,” said Mary Clark, manager, Office of Sustainability. “I worked with the University Communication and Marketing Department to create the new logo, based on the existing green footprint logo for continuity and easy recognition.”

The hope is that this new logo helps encourage the UNM campus community to continue to recycle diligently, and to educate the community on the importance of having a “green footprint."