The Academic, Student Affairs and Research Committee of the University of New Mexico Board of Regents will meet Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 10 a.m. at Scholes Hall, Roberts Room, on main campus.

In addition to the three Regents who are members of this committee, other Regents may attend this meeting in a non-voting capacity.


 I.         Call to Order

II.        Approval of Summarized Minutes from Previous Meetings                                     

III.       (December 5, 2012)  

IV.       Reports/Comments:   
             A.  Provost's Administrative Report:
                    i.  Measuring Student Success, Provost Abdallah
                   ii.  Understanding Criteria of Success for Faculty, Provost Abdallah

             B.  Member Comments
             C.  Advisor Comments

V.        Approval Items:
             A.  Approval of Major in Chicana and Chicano Studies
                   Irene Vasquez, Director, Chicana and Chicano Studies       

             B.  Approval of Certificate in Transnational Latino Studies in NM Cultural Landscapes
                  Irene Vasquez, Director, Chicana and Chicano Studies                                                        

VI.       Information Items:
             A.  UNM's role in fixing the K-12 problem in NM: Plan and Actions         
                  Terry Babbitt, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management

VII.     Public Comment

VIII.    Adjournment