The University of New Mexico’s Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree program is being hailed as one of the top 15 programs of its kind in the United States at No. 14.

The new ranking, authored by SR Education Group, analyzed accredited online schools across the nation, taking into consideration academic strength factors along with annual tuition rates in order to provide a list of colleges offering the best value to students.

Best Value Liberal Studies

“We have always been proud of the quality of our degree, this just gives us some external validation,” said Bachelor of Liberal Arts Program Director and Associate Dean Robert DelCampo. “Our program is flexible and creative, allowing students to pursue their passion.”

Created in 1969, the Bachelor of Liberal Arts program, housed in University College, allows to students to create their own degree--within a limited set of constraints. “It is like playing college on ‘hard’ mode” adds Student Success Specialist Lukas Cash. “No two degree programs are alike.” Accommodating students with diverse interests and backgrounds are the hallmarks of the program that features a number of high achieving students.

One of these is Clay Space, founder and creative director of Back to Earth, who recently raised over $1 million for his company while pursuing his degree. “The flexibility of the BLA has given me the opportunity to pursue my business and degree at the same time,” said Space, who enters his junior year in the program this Fall.

“The ability to create a unique program for students who don’t want to follow a traditional curriculum is the future of education,” added DelCampo. “We’ve made tremendous strides over the past year to let folks know how valuable and unique our program can be.”

In the past year, the BLA has seen significant increases in enrollment, bringing in unique alliances with the UNM innovationAcademy and Central New Mexico Community College, via the 2+1+2 Pathway to MBA program.

“We continue to grow…the sky is the limit! As the 14th ranked online Liberal Studies program, we hope to send the message that we are flexible and rigorous; our degree has teeth,” said DelCampo.

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