The Honors College is a source of great pride for The University of New Mexico. Its nearly six-decade tenure on this campus, first as a program then as a college, is filled with a profound history of enriching the education of UNM scholars. In an affirmation of its mission and programs, the Honors College was recently named in the top 25 public university honors colleges in the U.S.

INSIDE HONORS: Ratings and Reviews of Sixty Public University Honors Programs provides an in-depth review of honors programs in the U.S., assigning an overall score to each program or college.

“One factor that weighed heavily in the rating system was the quality of each program’s curriculum,” said Kate Krause, dean of UNM’s Honors College. “I was very proud to see that UNM’s Honors College received the highest possible rating in that category, a testament to the Honors faculty’s efforts to offer such innovative and rich curriculum.”

Honors Housing
A successful initiative of the UNM Honors College is the Honors House system. The houses provide the students an opportunity to interact with each other outside of classrooms. Students are assigned to one of four houses named after the four best-known native trees in New Mexico: Aspen, Juniper, Oak, and Piñon. The houses compete with each other during the academic year. 

To find value in this type of education, you have to look deeply into what INSIDE HONORS calls the “ground game” of honors colleges and programs. This focus analyzes voluminous data ranging from student success to the depth and quality of program creation and support.

UNM stands out from other honors programs by having its faculty’s primary academic appointments in the Honors College. These professors teach regular classes in the Honors College and serve as mentors to the students—promoting scholarly and creative pursuits.

“Where many other honors colleges throughout the country provide advanced honors study as a contract option within a regular course or as a course restricted to students majoring in a specific discipline, our Honors College offers small courses in which students from varied fields come together to investigate the ways in which subjects connect and intersect with each other,” said Honors College Chair Leslie Donovan. “Our perspective is that such a model for integrating diverse forms of knowledge affords UNM’s high-achieving, highly motivated honors students an advantage in the competitive world of the 21st century, an advantage we are gratified that INSIDE HONORS recognizes.”

Dean Kate Krause worked extensively to share the great work done by the faculty, staff and students at the Honors College with INSIDE HONORS. She said, the rating is a reflection of the hard work that has gone into ensuring a superior education for UNM students.

“It is gratifying to see our Honors College rated among generously endowed nationally recognized Honors Colleges and Programs,” said Krause. “We compete with these Honors programs for students. The faculty and staff in Honors at UNM deserve this public recognition of the high quality education they deliver.”