A new redesigned MyUNM 2.0, which includes a new user interface that's compatible with desktop and mobile devices, has been unveiled by The University of New Mexico’s Information Technologies (IT).

The redesigned look, with new features including LoboApps, My Home and Community Source, gives users a customized and personal MyUNM experience.

Notable features include:

LoboApps: Do you have a hard time finding what you are looking for on UNM online? LoboApps is the answer. LoboApps is a new way to search for and use UNM's online services. UNM's online services are "appified" into apps in LoboApps, which are fully indexed and searchable. Search, click, use.

My Home: The dashboard and tabs that MyUNM is known for are completely redesigned from the ground up. With MyUNM 2.0, the dashboard and tabs are now much easier to customize. Users can design their dashboard and tabs, including the background and colors, and even add new widgets to tabs from what’s available in LoboApps.

Community Source: With the introduction of LoboApps, it will soon be possible for UNM departments, faculty, staff, and students to publish developed content to LoboApps that can be searched for and used by other members of the UNM community. This will leverage the power of LoboApps to make it much easier for the UNM community to promote and share developed content.

See FastInfo Answer #7498 for more information about myUNM 2.0.

For more information on UNM technology efforts, visit UNM IT.