Campus safety is on the minds of nearly everyone nowadays. With random assaults and shootings seemingly on the rise in communities around the country, campus administrators are actively looking for ways to combat the ongoing safety issues. With that in mind, The University of New Mexico hosts Campus Safety Week begins Tuesday, Sept. 6 and continues through Friday, Sept. 9.

“September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month and we decided to host a Campus Safety Week as an opportunity for UNM students, faculty and staff to attend different safety oriented programs to help them understand more about campus safety,” said Rob Burford, UNM’s Clery Act Compliance officer.

The week begins Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 11:05 a.m. with a combined LoboAlerts Campus Warning Siren System drill and shelter-in-place exercise. Sirens are part of UNM's comprehensive emergency warning system. The LoboAlerts Campus Warning Siren System is tested at the beginning of every semester. All campuses will be included in this test.

“September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month and we decided to host a Campus Safety Week as an opportunity for UNM students, faculty and staff to attend different safety oriented programs to help them understand more about campus safety." – Rob Burford, UNM’s Clery Act Compliance officer

“We advertise these exercises in advance,” said UNM’s Emergency Manager Byron Piatt. “This is a good opportunity to log into the LoboAlerts system ( using your UNM NetID and password to verify your contact information and preferences.”

The system includes LoboAlerts issued via text, email, RSS, Facebook, Twitter and the warning siren. If the siren sounds and you haven’t been told that it would be a test, it is REAL. “Heed the warning and do as instructed,” Piatt says.

To update your LoboAlerts contact information and preferences, go to, and login with your UNM NetID and password.

For a siren sample, click on the respective link
Listen to the Emergency Alert

Listen to the All Clear

LoboAlerts Text Messaging
UNM's LoboAlerts Emergency Text Messaging system.

In addition to the siren system test, UNM will also conduct a shelter-in-place exercise asking the entire campus community to participate in this exercise by practicing sheltering-in-place.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), sheltering-in-place is appropriate when conditions require that you seek immediate protection in your home, place of employment, school or other location when disaster or an emergency strikes.

“As part of the exercise, the sirens will be sounded signaling the event of an emergency that makes it dangerous to be outdoors, such as a severe lightning storm, an environmental hazard or a threat from an armed individual,” Piatt said. “Upon sounding of the sirens, the campus community is expected to take shelter in the nearest building, and proceed to an interior room or hallway.”

Additional instructions for a shelter-in-place include...

  • move away from glass doors and windows;
  • monitor LoboAlerts or the UNM webpage for further information and updates;
  • stay calm and stay put unless there is an immediate need to leave (i.e. a visible fire or life threatening situation);
  • stay put until receipt of the all clear notification, which comes via a different sounding siren and LoboAlerts messaging.

Trained members from the UNM and UNMH Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), Emergency Management Committees (EMC), Campus Community Emergency Response Team (CCERT) and Safety Departments will be monitoring the campus for participation.

Piatt says the entire exercise should not take more than five minutes and will not otherwise impact daily activities. “It is extremely important that our community be prepared and understand our roles during an emergency,” he said. 

Safety Is For Everyone...

All faculty, staff and students should be aware of their surroundings and what is going on the UNM campus. It is extremely important to report issues that concern you or seem to be unsafe to the proper departments on campus.

For example, if you see someone looking in car windows in one of the parking lots, don’t just think ‘I wonder what they are up to’ and go about your business, contact UNMPD and inform them that there is a suspicious person looking into car windows in the parking lot.

Remember These Safety Tips...

• Secure your bike to a bike rack, by using a U-Lock.
• Keep your personal belongings with you at all times, no matter how short of time you will be away from them.
• Lock your residence hall room, no matter how long you will be away from your room.
• Use the UNM Police Campus Escort service, if you need an escort on campus, by calling (505) 277-2241.
• Use some type of theft deterrent device on your vehicles and do not leave any items of value in plain view of people that may draw attention to your vehicle.
• Remember to report incidents that are causing unsafe conditions or concerns to you or others, as we need our entire UNM Community to Protect the Pack.

For additional safety information visit Campus Safety.

The remainder of UNM Campus Safety Week includes a variety of educational programs designed to provide additional education under various scenarios. They include:  Active Shooter Training, Campus Safety Walk, Safety 101 Training, Bystander information, and several other events and workshops.

“The purpose of Campus Safety Week is to get the UNM Campus Community to not get complacent about safety, by giving individuals the opportunity to learn more about general safety awareness,” said Burford. “We are hoping that Campus Safety Week will become an annual event to remind Lobos how they can Protect the Pack, by being safe and helping others to be safe.”

Campus Safety Week schedule

Tuesday, Sept. 6

  • Siren Test / Shelter-in-Place exercise, 11:05 a.m.
  • Byron’s Active Shooter Training (SUB Ballroom B), 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Campus Safety Walk (SUB Ballroom B), 8 – 9 p.m.

Wednesday, Sept. 7

  • Brown Bag Lunch Session for Faculty and Staff:   Understanding Where to Send Students When They Have Been the Victim of Crime (DOS Conference Room), 12 – 1 p.m.
  • Rethinking Violence:  Prevention 101 (Location TBA in Residence Halls), 3:30 – 5 p.m.
  • Rethinking Violence:  Prevention 101 (SUB Amigo A-B), 3:30 – 5 p.m. (Having two of the same to try to grab people from different areas on campus)

Thursday, Sept. 8

  • Everyday Interventions; Dismantling the Myths and Increasing Action (RL&H Hokona Cellar),

3:30 – 5 p.m.

  • Everyday Interventions; Dismantling the Myths and Increasing Action (SUB Fiesta RM), 3:30 – 5 p.m. (Having two of the same to try to grab people from different areas on campus)
  • LGBTQ 101 Safe Training (SUB Cellar), 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Friday Sept. 9

  • LGBTQ SafeZone Training for Faculty/Staff (Must RSVP – DOS Conference Room), 8:30 a.m. – 11 a.m.
  • Tabling Event (North Side of SUB) UNMPD will be registering bikes, COSAP, OEO, LoboRespect Advocacy will provide informational tables, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Also, during this week, UNM Residence Halls, ACC Properties and the Greek Life Houses will be conducting their fire drills at various times.

Additional information can be found at Campus Safety or Emanage.

For more information about UNM's emergency preparedness activities, visit LoboRed-E.

For additional information, contact