The University of New Mexico School of Public Administration has selected 19 students to receive its Rosenthal Tuition Fellowships for the Fall 2015 semester.

The fellowship provides financial assistance for SPA students and is awarded based on academic merit.

The late Dr. Rosenthal was the School of Public Administration’s first director and a professor for the first 12 years of the SPA’s existence, beginning in 1969. Dr. Rosenthal’s estate provides the resources for the fellowship.

Here is the list of the Fall 2015 Rosenthal Tuition Fellowship recipients:

  • Andrew Baca-Grant
  • Meredith Root Bowman
  • Michael Clayton
  • Albert Cerullo
  • Meriam Densmore
  • Ryan Edgington
  • Rebecca Ewing 
  • Timothy Korte 
  • Erika Lopez
  • Candy Matos
  • Edwards McCorkindale
  • Rakotoarija Mino
  • Kristina Ortez
  • Lindsay Post
  • Sherwin Price
  • Gregory Reynolds
  • Rachel Stevens
  • Karen Summers
  • Isabelle Zamora