Recent efforts by the University of New Mexico to focus on strategies that maximize student success are beginning to pay off, as suggested by early enrollment numbers for the fall semester 2011.   While overall growth was modest, areas targeted in UNM's smart growth strategy – upper division, graduate and online courses – saw significant growth.
Albuquerque campus enrollment as of Monday, Aug. 22, the first day of fall classes, is up by 1.7 percent to 28,122, compared with the first day of fall term 2010. Student credit hours increased by two percent.
Upper division credit hours increased by 4.2 percent and graduate credit hours by 4.6 percent. By emphasizing undergraduate retention and graduate recruitment, the university's smart growth strategy can improve students' long-term success.
UNM continued a trend of dramatic increases in online enrollment, with the online headcount increasing by 68 percent and online credit hours by 80 percent. Online courses give students on campus more ways to study and expand opportunities for those outside Albuquerque. Along with partnerships with community colleges, online education allows UNM to expand access by using resources more efficiently.
The numbers will continue to fluctuate as students change their schedules early in the semester. Official counts are reported after the third week of classes.

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