The UNM Staff Council issued a resolution of commendation for UNM campus police and Security earlier this month.

The commendation, written by staff councilors Aaron Cowan and Mary Clark, states the UNM Staff Council’s gratitude to the police officers and security personnel for the good they do in promoting safety, security and order on campus.

UNM Staff Council also encouraged other UNM departments to express their appreciation as well.

UNM Security

“I believe it is vital that we express our gratitude to the individuals who keep us safe, because staff at UNM could not do our jobs without the good men and women who work as police officers and security personnel," said Cowan. "These individuals have very difficult jobs and we must not take for granted the fact that they have kept our campus safe for so long.

"I believe that we should thank them much more often for the outstanding work that they do, and I am very encouraged that President Frank has expressed his agreement with our resolution as well.”

“We are enormously proud of all that you, your officers, and the security staff do to make this campus a safe and satisfying place to work and learn,” said Chief of Staff Amy Wohlert on behalf of President Robert Frank. “Every day we see evidence of the competent and caring work you do. Thank you for the thoughtful, professional, and courageous efforts you all make on our behalf.”