"UNM’s Office of Equal Opportunity has received several reports of hate/bias incidents over the past two days, and will be investigating and responding to those reports. However, because of federal privacy laws and University policy, UNM cannot provide any specific information as the students involved or the nature of an incident involving a particular student(s).

"UNM has established a team that can be activated when multiple hate/bias incidents are reported. It is comprised of representation from campus departments across the university including the Division of Equity and Inclusion, Office of Equal Opportunity, Dean of Students office, African American Student Services, American Indian Student Services, El Centro de la Raza, UNM Police Department and various other faculty, staff and students.

"This team reviews reports received and analyzes how the reported incident could impact individual students as well as the entire campus community. Members then come up with a plan to address each of these unique incidents to ensure our campus can heal and to prevent future incidents."