The UNM Innovation Academy is encouraging students to enter in the Walt Disney Imagineering “Imaginations” Project design contest to enter for the chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to Walt Disney Imagineering in California.

The design competition was created by Walt Disney Imagineer Marty Sklar to give college students the chance to present creative and fun design ideas to Imagineering executives.

“Imagineering” is a combination of both imagination and engineering, bringing Walt Disney’s fantasies and cartoons to life through technical innovation and creativity. Imagineers are help to design and create the Disney parks, resorts, attractions, cruise ships, real estate developments, and regional entertainment venues worldwide.

Hundreds of college students from across the U.S. have participated in the “Imaginations” design contest, with some becoming interns working alongside Imagineers and seeing their work installed at a Disney location.

Top finalists in the competition will win an all-expense-paid trip to Walt Disney Imagineering in California, where they will present their projects to executives and compete for monetary awards.

The application deadline is Oct. 28 and the project submission deadline is Nov. 25.

For more information about the “Imaginations” design contest, please visit the Disney Imaginations website.