The University of New Mexico's Student Union Building announced Cheryl Wallace will become its new director following the retirement of Walt Miller. 

Last year, Wallace stepped into the role as interim director and will assume the permanent position Sunday, March 1. For 24 years Wallace has remained a dedicated Lobo, working in general accounting, enrollment management and student affairs. She spent the past 10 years working in various capacities within the SUB where she supported all areas of operations.

Wallace said nothing generates more excitement than working with students everyday.

“There’s always something happening at the SUB,” she said. “It’s like the hub of campus and keeps me connected to students and programs.” 

Part of that connection is serving as a mentor to many of the student employees who work in the SUB. Wallace said the SUB employs at least 50 student employees each year.

Wallace recently expanded the graduate program in the SUB to include additional leadership roles and collaborations with management on projects and daily operations to help students grow in their academic and professional careers.

She said her goals are to add more programs and partner with different departments to further enhance the student experience.  Part of the process includes re-branding the SUB in order to align with University branding standards. 

“We are adding more cherry and silver paint to the building to update the look,"  she said. 

Wallace said she also plans to look for ways to increase the SUB's external revenue by soliciting more business both inside and outside of the University.