The University of New Mexico is one of 20 schools throughout the country participating in the Energy and Jobs Tomorrow Case Challenge.

The program, sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and developed and managed by EdVenture Partners, challenges students to create an integrated marketing campaign aimed at educating and informing millennials of the wide range of jobs available in the oil and natural gas industry, and driving the target market to the Oil and Gas Workforce website.

Undergraduate marketing students in the digital marketing course at the Anderson School of Management have formed a student-run agency to develop and execute the campaign, using a $1,500 budget provided by API. In addition to receiving scholarship awards, the top three participating schools will be invited to present their research, campaign plan and results to the API Communications Committee and senior executives in San Francisco.

“Through participation in education-industry programs such as this one, our students are building the hard and soft skills necessary to fuel their future careers,” said faculty mentor John Benavidez, a principal lecturer in marketing. “These hands-on learning experiences give UNM graduates an advantage over their peers across the country in the highly competitive job market.”

report by IHS predicts an additional 1.3 million new career opportunities in the oil and natural gas industry by 2030, and a 2013 Energy Information Administration study estimates that job growth has been 40-times higher in the oil and natural gas industry compared to the economy as a whole.

Launched in 2014, the Oil and Gas Workforce website is a one-stop resource for anyone interested in careers, training, and certifications in the oil and natural gas industry. The website offers both English and Spanish versions and builds on existing recruiting initiatives by API and member companies to reach veterans’ groups, labor unions, African American and Hispanic communities, and colleges and universities.

To connect with opportunities in the oil and natural gas industry, visit Oil and Gas Workforce. To learn more about the student campaign, follow the #FuelMyCareer conversations on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

For more information, contact Alexandria Chavez (505) 515-4181 or email,