The University of New Mexico will test its emergency notifications systems including the campus warning siren and text messaging systems on Tuesday, June 29 at 11:02 A.M. UNM tests the emergency sirens every semester. The sirens alert the campus community to seek shelter indoors. They are used to warn about emergencies that make it unsafe to be outdoors. That could include a severe lightening storm, an environmental hazard or threat from an armed individual.

There is no action required of individuals during the test. Individuals who have signed up for the text alert system will receive a test text message. Individuals who have UNM email addresses will receive an email test message. The UNM home page will carry information about the test.

In the test, the siren will sound for one minute, there will be a pause, then the All Clear will sound.

The instruction to people on campus during an actual activation, are to seek immediate shelter and look for additional information. This additional information could come through the UNM TextMe Alert System, e-mail, the UNM web page and/or local media.

Anyone who would like to sign up for the UNM's emergency alert system can do so at: UNM TextMe.

UNM will test this system once each semester. The last exercise of this system was during the spring semester in Ocotber, 2009.

For a siren sample, click on the respective link.

Listen to the Emergency Alert

Listen to the All Clear

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