The University of New Mexico will test its emergency notification systems Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 11:02 a.m. This test coincides with UNM Campus Safety Week. 

The test will include all parts of the University's warning systems including sirens, e-mail, text messaging, social media updates and UNM website notifications. All campuses will be a part of this test. 

You will receive a reminder about the test via text and email, as well as through LoboAlerts on Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 10:45 a.m. 

"The purpose of the test is to familiarize everyone with all of the various ways we notify the campus of an emergency or advisory,” said University Emergency Manager Byron Piatt. “It’s important to check your phones, computers and other devices during and after the test to make sure you receive the alert. Also, take a few minutes to review how you would respond in a real emergency.”

This test happens three times each year at the beginning of each semester. It is meant to give campus first responders an opportunity to activate the various systems as part of their routine training, and keep students, faculty, and staff safe. 

Non-UNM persons who work on campus, live in nearby communities, or have an interest in receiving emergency notifications can also receive LoboAlerts. LoboAlerts are available via social media on the LoboAlerts Facebook and LoboAlerts Twitter pages. Individuals can also create their own accounts on the LoboAlerts Community site. 

To update your LoboAlerts contact information and preferences, go to LoboAlerts and login with your UNM NetID and password. 

For more information about these alerts and events as part of Campus Safety Week, visit Campus Safety.