The University of New Mexico's Information Technologies is currently in the process of developing a new online store that will serve as a one-stop shop for students, faculty, and staff to easily access a variety of available software titles that are licensed through the university and can be installed on personal computers.

IT expects the UNM Web Store to launch in mid-June. The store was created and designed to be the place for students, faculty and staff to acquire needed software.

Earlier this year, students were granted Adobe Creative Cloud licenses through UNM's Creative Campus agreement. At the close of the semester, IT will transition student Adobe licensing over to the new store as the first application of this new service.

For Students: What you need to do before June 30:

  • If you are graduating from UNM this semester and want to retain Creative Cloud content and libraries you created, please visit Adobe Account Migration Information for instructions on how to transition your UNM account over to a free personal account for continued access to media that you have created. Adobe is offering 40 percent off paid subscriptions for the 1st year after graduation if you would like to continue creating with the software. If you have content to migrate, complete that process before making your personal account purchase.
  • If you are continuing at UNM and would like to retain access to Adobe Creative Cloud, you will need to visit the new software store and request continuing access before June 30, 2020. The online store will be available after June 16. There is no additional cost to registered students at Main Campus and HSC for these continuing licenses.

For Active Faculty and Staff, no action is required at this time:

  • Faculty and Staff will be added to the software store at a future date for UNM business purpose purchases/requests. Additional communications will be sent to active faculty and staff so when the UNM software store is open, you will able to purchase Creative Cloud for personal home use.

For more information on the Adobe suite of tools available, visit Adobe Creative Campus.