UNM welcomed new hires at the New Faculty Orientation held today in the SUB ballroom A and B. The event was open to anyone that wanted to meet the new faculty.

Presented by the Office of the Provost and Center for Teaching Excellence, New Faculty Orientation offered a warm welcome to the new and incoming faculty. This one-day session included presentations by University Libraries, Faculty Governance and other useful resources on campus. Lunch was offered and the day concluded with a vendor fair presented by UNM Benefits.

New faculty members beginning fall 2018:

Anderson School of Management
Mohammad Nazrul Islam, assistant or associate professor, accounting
Michael Turner, assistant or associate professor, accounting
Andrea Hetrick, assistant professor, organizational studies
Trevor Spoelma, assistant professor, organizational studies
Lama Lteif, assistant professor, marketing info decision Sci MIDS

College of Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Estes, assistant professor, American studies
Jeremy Hogeveen, assistant professor, psychology
Jacob Schroder, assistant professor, mathematics statistics
Lori Nelson, Lecturer II, speech and hearing sciences
Ian Stewart, visiting lecturer III, international studies
Erin Wilkinson, associate professor, linguistics
Luis Herran Avila, assistant professor, history
Darcy Barron, assistant professor, physics and astronomy
Yangun Hong, assistant professor, communication journalism
Kathleen Sorensen, lecturer II, mathematics statistics
Patricia Oakley, lecturer III, mathematics statistics
Elizabeth Crosson, assistant professor of physics and astronomy

College of Education
Allison Smith, assistant professor, sports administration
Sara Nottingham, assistant professor, athletic training education program
Yu Yu Hsiao, assistant professor, psychology
Donald Halquist, term teaching faculty, elementary education
Bryan Wehrli, term teaching faculty, secondary education
Sunaina Shenoy, assistant professor, special education (educational/diagnostic assessment)

College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences
Amir Hedayati Mehdiabadi, assistant professor, university libraries and learning sciences

School of Architecture and Planning
Aaron Cayer, assistant professor, SAAP architecture program
Lani Tsinnajinnie, assistant or associate professor, community and regional planning

School of Engineering
Ali Bidram, assistant professor, electrical computer engineering
Xiang Sun, assistant professor, electrical computer engineering
Christopher Perfetti, assistant professor, nuclear engineering
Nicholas Ferenchak, assistant professor, transportation engineering
Ken Cooper, lecturer II, construction engineering and management

School of Public Administration
Agustin Leon-Moreta, assistant professor, public administration
Young Joo Park, assistant professor, public administration

New faculty members beginning 2019:

College of Arts and Sciences
Mubarak Hussain Syed, assistant professor, biology general administrative
Qussin Joo, visiting lecturer III, biology general administrative
Keith Gamache, assistant professor, linguistics department
Sergio Ascencio Bonfil, assistant professor, comparative politics

School of Law
Paul Figueroa, professor, law in business and intellectual property
Laura Spitz, professor, law in business and intellectual property

University College
Melanie Yazzie, assistant professor, UC Native American studies

For more information on the event details check out the agenda and the website.

For more information contact Amana Cowan at avcmia@unm.edu.