University of New Mexico Police Chief Kathy Guimond is retiring after serving the police department for 18 years. Although she has faced challenges during her time, Guimond is happy to have worked for UNMPD.

As UNMPD police chief, she has worked together with other police agencies, including Albuquerque Police Department and the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department.

“We have a very good reputation that extends statewide,” Guimond said.

Guimond said it’s good to work with the different agencies to learn their procedures and how they respond to the community. “There is no one police agency that can do it all,” she said. UNMPD also has good relationships with its federal partners, as well as its local and state partners.

As UNM continues to expand, Guimond says UNMPD will need to continue to meet the needs of students, staff and faculty. “It’s important to respond and listen to the community.”

Guimond will retire in June and wishes the best for the department.

“I know they will continue to do whatever it takes to make this university safe,” Guimond said.

After her retirement, she hopes to have more time to practice guitar, play softball and study genealogy.