Although the University continues in its limited operation status, UNM's Information Technologies has a previously planned network outage related to ongoing maintenance activities that needs to continue the weekend of May 22-24.

In order to ensure the availability of services that are supported through the Data Center, UNM IT will be completing maintenance over the Memorial Day weekend that will require an outage.  This is similar in impact to maintenance work that was done over the same weekend in 2018. For more information about the outage and service availability, visit Data Center Outage.


As part of the regular maintenance cycle for the Data Center, UNM IT needs to replace the uninterrupted power supply (UPS). A device failure would result in a minimum of five (5) days of unplanned downtime. Based on planning with key stakeholders, including IT officers and liaisons, and administrative and operational leadership, the planned dates and times are as follows:

o   Friday, May 22 - beginning at 5 p.m.

o   Saturday, May 23

o   Sunday, May 24 - ending at 5 p.m.

During these windows, Banner, Learn, MyUNM and other key systems will be unavailable. UNM IT will continue to reach out to stakeholders throughout the UNM community to ensure service disruptions are well communicated and mitigated, where possible.  

IT asks for your help to:

  • Identify any critical (life-safety) services that must not be interrupted. 
  • Identify potential risks of service outages May 22 through May 24.
  • Work with your faculty, staff, students and vendors to make sure service disruptions are well communicated and mitigated, where possible.  
  • Leverage supplemental communication mechanisms to help us keep the campus community involved and well informed.

IT realizes there is no ideal time to perform this work and appreciates understanding of students, faculty and staff in regard to the need. If you have concerns or want to share information to assist in the maintenance work, call the IT Service Desk at 277-5757.