The University of New Mexico’s Office of the Chief Information Officer hosts Tech Days, June 8-9. Registration is now open and closes on Friday, June 2.

Tech Days offers the University’s faculty, staff, and students an exclusive opportunity to learn about technologies on campus. Attendees can participate in sessions, discussions, and hands-on demos of current and future technological innovations at the University.

Tech Days 2017

Admission to Tech Days is free and includes lunch and a chance to win a raffle with prizes featuring two one-year Adobe Creative Cloud software licenses valued at $600 each, and a $200 Epson Printer.

To view the agenda, visit the Tech Days schedule. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to register early at Tech Days.

“One of the values of Tech Days is that it provides cost-effective training to the UNM community,” said IT Associate Director Elaine Rising. “It brings the University community together to share knowledge and experience with technologies UNM is using and considering. It also provides an opportunity to learn about and know your IT environment which helps build trust across the community.”

Various Tech Days “Packages” have been designed for a variety of audiences including:

  1. Newer and experienced researchers
  2. Teaching faculty
  3. IT designers
  4. Users of all kinds of technology on campus
  5. Users of enterprise applications
  6. UNM staff needing new functionality for IT
  7. UNM staff involved in developing new functionality

Academic Technologies will also have a “Test Kitchen” where vendors such as Crestron, Sony, Epson, Qomo and others will set up state-of-the-art technology in a mock classroom setting in the basement of Woodward Hall so that people can see what is new in Academic Technology, how to set it up, and how to use it.

Additionally, Dell, Microsoft, Apple and Adobe are coming to offer training in their latest software.

Teaching faculty can see and test new innovations for the classroom, learn about exciting new developments in online teaching tools and the latest in new academic technology and software.

Students and any users of any technology on campus can get updates of what’s new in technology on campus, such as the newer features of Microsoft O365, the Microsoft Surface device, the UNM Accessibility Resource Center, Chrome River and TechFinder with the upcoming Wireless Heat Map feature.

Users of Enterprise Applications will learn about applications such as LoboAchieve 2.0, and UNMJobs 2.0.

If UNM staff need new a new application or functionality from IT, they can learn how to engage IT for assistance to implement and support their new application.

If you have any questions related to Tech Days or vendor sponsorships, contact Elaine Rising via email at, or call 505.277.1907.