On Friday, Aug. 27, The University of New Mexico is set to resume its public viewing sessions at the UNM Campus Observatory.

The UNM Campus Observatory allows for students and visitors to view the night skies from a convenient setting. During this time, people can view from telescopes and learn from telescope operators. The sessions will be held by the UNM Physics and Astronomy Department.

“The Physics and Astronomy Department is pleased that we can finally resume our Friday night public viewing sessions, starting with the UNM fall semester," said Professor Ylva Pihlstrom. "This is an outreach program we’ve missed doing during the pandemic, and we welcome not only students and faculty but also the public to visit the observatory again."

The sessions are free of charge and open to both UNM students and the general public. The viewing sessions will be on Fridays from 7-9 p.m. during daylight savings time, and 8-10 p.m. in standard time. All are welcome to join the Physics and Astronomy department in their viewing of the night skies. Sessions are subject to weather conditions. If in session, the doors to the courtyard and dome will be open, with red lights on inside. Visitors can come and go as they choose, with no need to arrive at the beginning or stay until the end.

Those who come to the observatory must follow a few rules:

  • UNM campus does not allow smoking.
  •  It is advised to dress appropriately, as the observatory may be colder in the winter. 
  • Bright lights are not allowed near telescopes. This includes phone screens, flashlights, flash photography and other types of lights.
  • Please make reservations for groups of 15 or more.

The UNM Campus Observatory is on Yale Blvd. NE, 2 blocks north of Lomas. The building is stucco with a white dome.

For reservations and general questions, email Professor Ylva Pihlstrom, ylva@unm.edu.