Visiting University of New Mexico Professor Gabriela Carrillo is being recognized by a group committed to distinguishing female leaders in the architectural industry.

Last year, The University of New Mexico School of Architecture & Planning featured Carrillo and her partner Mauricio Rocha as the Marjorie Mead Hooker Visiting Professors. The duo is partners at Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo in Mexico City.

Recently, Carrillo was honored to be named Architect of the Year by the 2017 Women in Architecture Awards. The annual award recognizes excellence in design, focusing on projects built in 2016.

Carrillo was recognized for design excellence in a built project for her Criminal Courts for Oral trials project in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán. According to the Architectural Review shortlist, Carrillo was chosen because of her ability to create flexible spaces while still allowing for strict security rules and improved transparency in the judicial system.

“This is a major international award,” said John Quale, director of the UNM architecture program. “Gaby [Carrillo] co-taught the final graduate-level studio last year with her partner, Mauricio Rocha and our very own Associate Professors Gabriella Gutierrez and Geoff Adams.”

The award announcement in “Bustler” also commended Carrillo and Montiel on their outstanding commitment to practicing sustainably and democratically with local communities in Mexico.

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