On Aug. 24, Benefits & Employee Wellness announced a Voluntary Retirement Incentive Option (VRIO) program. Faculty and staff who were predetermined as potentially eligible were contacted via email and notified of their option to submit their interest in the program, the first step in the process.

At a time when UNM is experiencing current, and likely future, budget reductions, the VRIO program is designed to provide a one-time lump sum payment to eligible retiring individuals, while ultimately achieving cost savings for the University. Retirement is a big decision and most employees plan years in advance for the event. Employees choosing to participate in this program are encouraged to determine if this is the right opportunity for them and no one should pressure them to participate in the program or not.

If you have been contacted as potentially eligible, visit the VRIO website for retirement seminars to be offered by the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board (NMERB).

If you have not been contacted as potentially eligible but believe you may be eligible, send an email to vrio@unm. edu with your inquiry. An HR representative will get in touch with you. For more details about the program, the eligibility requirements, process, legal agreements, and other resources about considering retirement, go to the VRIO website