As the leading research institute in New Mexico, UNM strives to recognize its student and faculty research initiatives. Now, thanks to a generous donation, University Libraries is awarding six undergraduate students with the inaugural Jim and Mary Lois Hulsman Undergraduate Research Award.

The six award winners will be honored at a ceremony on Wednesday, April 11 at 3:30 p.m. in the Willard Reading Room of Zimmerman Library.

Jesse Yelvington, Ashley Koger, Patrick Latimer, Ellerie Ann Freisinger, Anastasiya Andriyash and Luisa Pennington are the first students to receive the honor, implemented specifically to recognize undergraduate research.

“It is exciting to see the range of work with which UNM undergraduates are involved as well as the ways these projects were informed and strengthened by resources students found through the University Libraries,” said Cindy Pierard, director of access services and undergraduate engagement for University Libraries. “By sharing student work in this way, we aim to show what UNM students can do and inspire other students to reach the same high standards.”

The new award celebrates outstanding undergraduate research that incorporates the skilled use of University Libraries resources and that demonstrates information literacy skills. It gives University Libraries the opportunity to celebrate the scholars, but also to learn about what resources are most helpful to undergraduate students conducting research.

“This was our first year for the award,” Pierard said.  “We were delighted by both the interest from students as well as the caliber of work we received.”

The award was made possible by generous contributions from long-time library supporters Jim and Mary Lois Hulsman.


Advanced Researcher Category


First place:
Jesse Yelvington, senior, Sociology, Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts
Naming the Nameless: An Exploration of Queer Poetry and Empowerment



Second place:
Ashley R. Koger, junior, Nutrition & Dietetics
The Fight for Historical Representation and Accuracy: Statues of the Confederacy



Third place:
Patrick R. Latimer, junior, Astrophysics
’Water Fountain’ Masers in Proto-Planetary Nebulae



Emerging Researcher Category


First Place:
Ellerie Ann Freisinger, Sophomore, English
Racial Condition of America Through ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’




Second Place:
Anastasiya A. Andriyash, Sophomore, Biochemistry
John F. Kennedy’s Civil Rights Address: An Analysis of its Context, Legacy, and Implications



Third Place:
Luisa Pennington, Sophomore, Communications and Journalism
Existence, Emotion, and Expression: Tragic Elements Within Shakespearean Sonnets