As winter break approaches here at UNM, not only is it time for the holidays, but also time for the Winter Setback Program, which helps conserve energy while offices, labs, and classrooms are empty during the break.

The Physical Plant Department (PPD) set up this program to help conserve energy by setting back the heat in many of the vacant buildings around campus. This year, the Winter Setback Program begins Wednesday, Dec. 23 and ends Sunday, Jan. 3.

“The Winter Setback Program is a great opportunity for the university to save energy, reduce our carbon footprint, and avoid costs all at the same time," said UNM President Robert Frank. "Our annual heating bill is over $7 million, so continuing this energy conservation program simply makes sense. This particular program is an opportunity for each member of our campus community to contribute in conserving our precious natural resources.”

PPD and Lobo Energy Inc. have identified the buildings that require a certain temperature range and others that could participate more in the program. Since the program started, it has saved the university hundreds of thousands of dollars.

During this program, PPD has the ability to monitor and control energy use in the buildings 24 hours a day, using an upgraded energy control system.

For information regarding energy management, review UNM Business Policy #5100