The University of New Mexico Women in Technology (WIT) organization recently announced the lineup of its annual event, ‘Empowerment - Live Without Limits’ on Thursday, Dec. 7, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the UNM Student Union Building in the Acoma and Lobo rooms.

This year, WIT boasts a variety of session tracks that cater to diverse interests and professional growth needs, be it technical expertise or networking. Breakfast and lunch will be provided, and time will be reserved for networking with other UNM staff. Visit Event Topics for a complete list of topics for each track, including Wellness, Technical, and Career and Guidance.

‘Live Without Limits’ promises to be an exceptionally worthwhile day of engagement and networking and features a dynamic keynote presentation by Dr. Melanie Moses, Professor of Computer Science and Biology, that is sure to inspire.

Moses earned a B.S. in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Biology from UNM. Her interdisciplinary research crosses the boundaries of Computer Science and Biology by modeling search processes in complex adaptive systems such as ant colonies and immune systems, and most recently the immune response of the virus that causes COVID-19.

She has mentored many UNM graduate and undergraduate students and led projects including New Mexico Computer Science for All, the NASA Swarmathon, and the Google ExploreCSR Swarmathon: The Next Generation to engage thousands of women and members of underrepresented groups in computer science from high school to graduate school.

She also co-founded the UNM-SFI Working Group on Algorithmic Justice, is part of the UNM ADVANCE program to support the success of women faculty in STEM, and currently serves on the Computing Research Association Computing Community Consortium and the board of Computing Research - Widening Participation in Research.

Registration is open and can be completed by filling out the registration form or visiting the website at