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Many UNM faculty experts are available for media interviews. Search by name or expertise, using quotes to separate topics. (Example: "law" "politics") 

If you are a UNM Faculty and would like to be included in our faculty experts database please fill out the this form.

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David Gutzler

David Gutzler

Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences
ecology and environmental science, water, climate change, climatology

Tobias Fischer

Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences
ecology and environmental science, geology, science and technology

Erik Erhardt

Assistant Professor, Statistics
Ecology and Environmental Science, Mathematics, ecology and environmental science, brain imaging

Leslie Donovan

Leslie Donovan

Associate Professor, Honors College
J.R.R. Tolkien studies, fantasy literature, Old English literature, science fiction literature, pedagogy, teaching, Popular culture, Middle English literature

Katherine Crawford-Garrett

Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
Neoliberal models of school reform, critical literacy, teacher narratives, practitioner inquiry

Jedidiah Crandall

Associate Professor, Computer Science
Internet worms, Internet censorship, Internet Surveillance

David Correia

Assistant Professor
History, Law, Politics, New Mexico

Carole Conn

Associate Professor, Department of Individual, Family and Community Education (IFCE)

Mary Clark

Mary Clark

Sustainability Manager
Sustainability, UNM recycling, green purchasing, UNM Climate Action Plan, campus community garden

Showing 1 — 10 of 23 Items