Computer Science

CARC launches new condo cluster

By Tracy Wenzl, CARC June 22, 2022

Computer science changed UNM grad’s tune on a career

By Kim Delker May 18, 2022

UNM computer science graduate student receives Griffith Fellowship

By Kim Delker April 27, 2022

LoboEats app connects food insecure students with extra meals

By Rachel Whitt March 04, 2022

UNM’s VolCAN team makes history in Canary Islands 

By Kim Delker January 05, 2022

UNM grad takes an unconventional path to earn degree

By Steve Carr December 17, 2021

Graduate learns the value of time spent with others

By Marissa Lucero December 17, 2021

UNM student travels across the globe for UNM

By Hope Muñoz December 13, 2021

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