Dear UNM Employees,

The pack is coming back!

The last 15 months have been quite an experience but with the continued improvement of the pandemic conditions and with the state of New Mexico beginning to open up under the approval of our governor, we look forward to returning our UNM campuses to regular operations this fall.

In preparing to do so, we must continue to move forward responsibly. Here is what you need to know and how we can all do our part to make this a successful return.

The Pack is Back August 2
Monday, August 2, UNM main and branch campuses will be fully open with regard to onsite operations. Employees will be expected to resume their onsite work schedule and should plan for extra commute time during the first week as several businesses return to normal core hours of operation.

Transition begins in July
Prior to our full return in August, departments should use the month of July as a transition period. Employees should begin returning to the office any supplies and equipment they have taken home and begin acclimating to a commute and working in an office setting. Schedules for this transition period should be discussed and determined between employees and their supervisors. Some employees may be ready to return full time while others may prefer to limit their time to a few days per week in the office as they acclimate themselves, their loved ones, and their pets to their return to campus. Employee needs will differ and supervisors are encouraged to be flexible in helping plan the July transition work schedules.

Phases of Return
While departments are beginning to collaborate on their return throughout July, we have created a guide- 
UNM’s Phases of Return to the Worksite for supervisors and employees to use in preparation for full operations on August 2. Please review the timelines and recommended tasks and ideas to ensure your department opens safely, efficiently, and timely. This is not an all-inclusive list so please consider any other items that may be applicable to your department’s functions for your own employees, your customers, or events you may be responsible for hosting.

Remote Work and Telecommuting
The past several months and hurdles we endured as a country and along with the rest of the world have taught us many things. One of those things is that not all jobs have to be performed at a UNM worksite. Many employees have been successful while working remotely and have enjoyed it, while it has also worked well for their supervisor; therefore, it may be of interest to the department and employee to continue that work arrangement.

For such cases, we are officially launching a remote work and telecommuting program where employees may be eligible to work fully remote or partially from a UNM worksite and partially from a remote site (telecommuting).

Interested employees can review the program guidelines and request process on our Remote Work & Telecommuting Program website.

What else do I need to know about returning to campus in August?

  1. Masks: Fully vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a mask but those who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask while on UNM property. Vaccinated individuals may still choose to wear a mask; please be respectful of others’ choices.
  2. Physical Distancing: Fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to physically distance themselves, except where specifically required as identified by signage.
  3. Daily Symptom Screening: UNM plans to discontinue this attestation process when the requirement is officially lifted by the governor, which is expected to occur around mid-July. Employees should continue to complete the screening as long as they are receiving the daily emails.
  4. COVID-19 Symptoms/Positive Case Reporting: Employees who experience symptoms of COVID-19 or who are diagnosed with COVID-19 must continue to follow the Self-Reporting Guidelines until further notice.
  5. Vaccines: The COVID-19 vaccination is not currently required for UNM employees. The feedback collected on the Proposed Vaccination Policy is under review and a decision is pending. Being vaccinated is the best defense against the virus, both for individuals and for our community; therefore, UNM highly encourages vaccination against COVID-19.
  6. Please remember to review UNM’s Phases of Return to the Worksite to begin your planning.
  7. For more information on the above highlights and details on other related guidance, review the updated sections of On-Campus Worksite Protocols and COVID-Safe Practices. We have also updated the FAQs on the HR website regarding the full operations phase. 

We can’t thank you enough for all you do to make UNM a great place to learn and work.

HR is committed to meeting your needs, so, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or if we can be of assistance.

Your partners at Human Resources